Railways On The Air 2017 – 23rd & 24th of September

On the 23rd and 24th of September the Porthmadog and District Amateur Radio Society (PADARS), will be participating in this years Railways on The Air (ROTA) event. We will be operating from inside the heritage museum of the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.

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We will be operating all day for both days of the event and the main operators for this event are: Peter (GW0DFK) and Thomas (MW6NKF). Although there may be a few other PADARS members coming to help throughout either of the days.

If you are interested in coming to the event as a licensed radio amateur or anybody else who is interested, please come down to the railway and see what we are doing. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

For this event we will be using the callsign GB0WHH. If you want any updates on what is happening throughout the day make sure to look at our QRZ page where we will be posting pictures during the event. Also, if you wish to have a QSO with us throughout the day, we should be operating on 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m (if conditions are favourable) and 2m. On 20 or 40m we should be operating some PSK for some of the day.

Saturday - 23rd of September

On the first day of the event Thomas (MW6NKF), Tony (GW7KNF) & Peter (GW0DFK), met up with Simon (MW0GSR), John (MW0VTK) & Louis (2W0LGG) from the Meiron Amateur Radio Society as they were not operating their own railways on the air station.

After testing the equipment we came to the conclusion that the parallel multi band which was made by  Thomas (MW6NKF) & Tony (GW7KNF) was a lot better than the off centre fed dipole which was bought by the club. We believe the main reason behind this is the fact that the lengths did not match those which were on the internet.

After messing around all day using all the equipment we managed to make around 20 contacts, mainly on the 40m band.

Sunday - 24th of September

On the second day of the event the operators who joined us were Thomas (MW6NKF), Peter (GWoDFK), Simon (MW0GSR) and Simon's wife Liz (MW3BOZ). We were also joined by Andy (G(W)1BED) on both days as he is actually a volunteer at the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.

We have come to the conclusion, after getting another 20 or so contacts that this event was a success which is really a relief after all the problems we experienced with the SOS Radio Week, which will be SOS Radio Month next year.

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