June 2017 – Fox Hunt

The PADARS June meeting included the clubs annual fox hunt. To make things a little more interesting it was a condition that members used homemade MOXON antennas for the chase.


The evening threw up one wobbly with BOB (MW0RHD), having put the elements of the beam on backwards. However it didn't stop him from finding the fox first once he realised his mistake. He was however ably assisted by Hannah and Ethan (future hams perhaps).

Hannah and Ethan (SWL's)

Thomas (MW6NKF) should have got an award for the best made antenna, his was brilliant.

Thomas (MW6NKF)

Dafydd (MW0CHZ) made a very interesting ‘shelf’ MOXON, which served him well as he found the fox about 1 minute behind Bob.

Dafydd (MW0CHZ)

Everybody who took part, including two SWL’s, had a thoroughly enjoyable evening after which we all returned to the clubhouse for drinks and post Mortem.

Many thanks to Peter (GW0DFK) for organising the event and also acting as the stealthy fox.

If nothing else was learnt from this exercise we discovered that the moxon antenna was an excellent choice for this event, due to it's ease of construction and it's excellent front to back ratio.

Also, even more thanks to Peter (GW0DFK) for helping write this article.

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