In order to be able to transmit on Amateur Radio frequencies you need to obtain a licence from Ofcom, the agency appointed by the Government to look after all forms of communications in the UK. However, before you can apply for licence you need to have passed an Amateur Radio foundation course.


Foundation courses are not difficult and are designed to be undertaken by anyone, of any age - there are children aged ten and younger who have successfuly completed the course (one of our members was just nine when he passed).


After some instruction on the basic theory of various aspects of radio communications and a few practical exrcises to demonstrate that you can set up and operate an Amateur Radio station you will sit a short test that consists of twenty-five questions. You exam paper is marked upon completion, so there's no long wait for the results.


The whole process is very simple. So if you are interested in learning more about Amateur Radio or would like to become an Amateur Radio operator please contact us for further information.

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